Novedad UPC | Building the new sense of place

Octubre, 21, 2021

Edición a cargo de Josep Muntañola Thornberg

Novedad UPC | Building the new sense of place
Building the new sense of place

Something very important is happening in the spatial human theories and practices. Just see the last articles by professor Luis Umbelino, or the works by professor Rainer E Zimmermann already published in this same review architectonics some months ago. Also the change in the cancer therapies going from the study of the tumour to the study of the metastasis indicates profound mental and cultural changes. We are not aware of the significance of these changes, as we have not been aware of the origin of the innovative forces in the Bauhaus, thanks to their inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural and inter-artistic dimensions. We should began to understand that architecture is not an isolated knowledge; it depends upon a physical, social and cultural environment where architecture and urban planning can develop in many directions, and improve it.

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